False Mirror

Failover Protocol is available now

Failover Protocol is available on Bandcamp and streaming platforms since today.

I have collected several links where the album can be listened on the album detail page.

Moreover, I have created a medley video of the album, containing a shortened version with each of the tracks.

As it has been asked a couple of times for now there are no plans to release the album as CD, as the overhead for me to both design, but also mail out the CDs would be too high. Instead I want to focus on providing you more music in a shorter time.

False Mirror Web-Based Drone/Noise Synthesizer

As part of the relaunch of my False Mirror website I did some experimenting with the web audio API to build something I had in my mind for years now: Combining Conway’s Game of Life with a sound generating algorithm to produce an interactive and potentially endlessly evolving layer of audio material.

I hereby present the False Mirror Web-Based Drone/Noise Synthesizer.

Cellular Automaton

Conway’s Game of Life is a cellular automaton on a two-dimensional grid. Each cell on the grid can either be alive or dead. An initial set of conditions decides the evolution of further grid states. These…