False Mirror

Failover Protocol

The new album Failover Protocol is now available for pre-order on Bandcamp. The full release will be available on Friday the 12th of April 2024.

Failover Protocol is an album I had already finished two years ago. Yet I never managed to find the time to release it. One of the reasons is that with all False Mirror releases up to now I had always been depending on a label to have time to release the album.

End of last year I decided to change this and release most of the upcoming albums on my own label “False Mirror”. I have also decided to focus on digital releases for now since creating a…




It’s been a while you heard from me and I’m glad to be back. It is always difficult to find a good balance between music-making, work, family, and other hobbies (such as audio plugin development - into which I recently invested a lot of my free time). Therefore I’m even more happy to announce:

  1. The new False Mirror website, including
  2. A little web-based drone/noise synthesizer on the front page.
  3. The new False Mirror album Failover Protocol, available for preorder now.

On the new website you can directly listen to all False Mirror/Tobias Hornberger releases. If you like a release and want to…